About Me

Hello, I’m Ben and I am a Devon based website developer. For 10 years now I have a had a real passion for website development and search engine optimisation and I have been doing this commercially for 6 years now.

I first became interested in website development when I was taught how to make a website using Microsoft Frontpage in school around 10 years ago, I then started exploring the code that made websites work and my interest in this grew from there.

Since then my knowledge and passion has continued to expand to include HTML(5), CSS(3), JavaScript(jQuery), PHP and MySQL as well as Adobe Dreamweaver, Photoshop and Fireworks.

I also have a great understanding of WordPress, Joomla and Moodle.

Having a great looking website is not really of much use unless people can find it and this is where my passion for search engine optimistaion started to grow. I already have a broad knowledge of the latest search engine optimisation techniques and I am constantly updating a and refreshing of new methods and techniques as well as everything to do with web development in general.

If you would like to get in touch to discuss a project then please don’t hesitate to contact me.